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CHP-To Target Aggressive Drivers In 2017

Left-lane loons” in Tulare and Kern Counties beware: CHP officers say they will be issuing more reckless driving tickets in the New Year.

Aggressive driving is particularly bad in moderate-traffic areas, because in perpetual bumper-to-bumper LA, drivers must be courteous by default. Left-lane merges are particular trouble spots, because some drivers wait until the last minute to move over while others stop and try to muscle their way into stacked-up traffic. For the record, experts say traffic flows better if everyone waits until the lane ends to merge.

In the coming months, CHP officers plan to increase patrols at known hot spots during peak aggressive-driving times.

Reckless Driving

Although it is in the Vehicle Code, VC 23103 is technically a criminal misdemeanor. The bad news is that convictions can mean jail time; the good news is that, since reckless driving is not an “infraction,” these convictions are a little bit harder for prosecutors to obtain.

The statute is very broadly worded, and using the plain meaning of the words, almost anything could constitute a “willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property.” Before issuing these citations, most officers look at:

· Vehicle Speed: If a driver is travelling more than 25mph over the limit on an undivided highway or other road, the driver is probably not going fast enough for a VC 23108(b) citation, but in the officer’s judgement, the driver may be going too fast for a regular speeding ticket.

· Dangerous Maneuvers: Tailgating and sudden lane changes often evidence a disregard for the safety of others.

In addition, if drivers commit more than two or three violations at once or more than two or three in a 24-hour period, most officers issue reckless driving tickets.

Getting Legal Help

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CHP troopers in Kern County are cracking down on reckless driving. If you get pulled over, call Bigger & Harman today for aggressive representation.

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