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In an incident that could have just as easily happened in Bakersfield or Fresno, a 31-year-old man is in custody after he allegedly shot a San Antonio police officer twice in the head while the officer wrote out a traffic ticket.

Earlier, Detective Benjamin Marconi had pulled over a driver near a police station. As Det. Marconi wrote out the citation in his patrol car, a man later identified as Otis McKane approached the squad car from behind, slowed down, and fatally shot the 20-year veteran officer. A few hours before the shooting, San Antonio police recorded video footage of Mr. McKane in the police station, and authorities believe he targeted Det. Marconi because he was a law enforcement officer. Police are still searching for a motive as the investigation continues.

The same day, a St. Louis police officer was wounded in an ambush-style shooting, but he is expected to survive.

Traffic Ticket Behavior

I’ve written before about the “comply now and complain later” rule of thumb. One point we discussed was that traffic stops are not very safe for officers and they don’t want to be standing next to fast-moving cars any longer than necessary. Now, given the events that have transpired over the last year, a speeding car is no longer the most serious threat the officers face.

As a result, may officers are more nervous than ever, and a few departments require officers to call for backup before they write tickets. With everyone on edge, it’s more important than ever to:

· Pull over as soon as possible and turn off the ignition,

· Roll down the driver’s side window,

· Turn on the dome light, and

· Keep both hands on the wheel at 11 and 1.

Most likely, you will still get a ticket. However, you will keep a bad situation from getting worse. Then, once your ticket goes to court, we will leverage any defense you have and fight your ticket.

Getting Legal Help

The aggressive attorneys at Bigger & Harman, APC, are committed to giving individuals a voice when dealing with speeding and traffic tickets. Call today at 661-349-9300 or email to receive the personal professional attention you deserve. En español, llame al 661-349-9755.

Many Bakersfield drivers argue with the officers that pull them over, thus making a bad situation worse. Instead, call Bigger & Harman, and we’ll fight for you.

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