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Caught On The Traffic CameraSmile – you just took a selfie without even knowing it. Traffic cameras are abundant throughout Kern County, Bakersfield and the entire state of California, ensuring that even when no peace officers are around, drivers are still held accountable for their actions. What you may not know is that just because you were caught on camera doesn’t mean you necessarily need to plead guilty.

Red-Light Camera Tickets

The main reason for citation traffic cameras is to catch anyone running a red light. In a quick flash, the driver and the vehicle’s license plate are caught on camera when they enter the intersection after the light turns red. It may seem like a cut and dry case if your vehicle and picture comes in the mail; after all, you were caught red-handed, right?

The fact is, there are many options to fight traffic camera tickets. This is an automated process, which means there are opportunities for evidence issues to occur. The burden of proof is on the courts, not you. If you understand the law and the regulations involved in the process outlined in the California Vehicle Code 21455.5, you can often find options to get red-light camera tickets dismissed or the driver found not guilty.

Consequences of Traffic Camera Tickets

Why fight a red-light or traffic camera ticket? For one, the price is high on these tickets. In California, a red-light ticket can run from $420-$525, a hefty price tag for a non-witnessed violation. It can also add a point to your driving license, which can increase the price of insurance and put you one step closer to a license suspension.

The good news is that you can fight a red-light camera ticket and win. If you are not the one in the photo, then there are plenty of options to get out of the ticket without giving up the driver. Even when the driver was clearly you, there are many ways to circumvent the system to get the ticket dismissed.

Kern County Traffic Ticket Specialists

If your mailbox reveals that you have been caught on camera for a traffic violation, call our expert team at 661-349-9300 or email Our attorneys at Bigger & Harman, APC can eliminate many traffic violation tickets to protect your driving record. Your consultation is free, so do not hesitate to call.

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