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Trucking Over 100-MPH In HanfordSpeeding over 100 mph is a very serious offense and can lead to serious problems for drivers without legal assistance. A conviction means two Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) points assessed against your motor vehicle driving record (MVR) by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), a 30-day driver’s license (DL) suspension, and a big fine.

Over 100 MPH on Interstate-5 (I-5)

I-5 is a major highway in California, it extends from the border with Mexico in the south, to the Canadian border in the north. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) have hundreds of law enforcement (LE) officers with radar out patrolling on motorcycles and in patrol cars. Most speeding over 100 mph tickets on I-5 are in rental cars between Los Angeles and San Francisco and even a first-time offender is almost guaranteed at least a $900 fine and a 30-day DL suspension if convicted. Traffic court in Hanford, Kings County can be a challenge, most lawyers hate practicing there, particularly those who practice other forms of law.

CA Vehicle Code (CVC) 22348 (b)

CVC 22348 (b) outlines the elements of and the penalties for violating the speeding over 100 mph prohibition. Those penalties include a two-point assessment of points under the NOTS, which stays on your MVR for seven to ten years, a minimum fine of $500 without fees, surcharges, or assessments, which is normally in the $900 to $2500 range depending on the court and your speed (some traffic courts add a $100 stipend for every mile per hour over 100 mph), increased insurance premiums, if your insurance provider does not drop you, a 30-day DL suspension at the judge’s discretion, there is no allowance for traffic school for over 100 mph, and you or your lawyer must appear in court.

Kings County Court in Hanford

Many of the speeding tickets handed out by LE officers on I-5 wind up in traffic court in Hanford for violations in Kings County on Thursday morning or Shafter for violations in Kern. Get ready for a long day, even though traffic court only has one pace and that is fast-paced, there are many tickets to go through. The best way to avoid it is to hire a traffic ticket attorney, don’t even waste your money getting cousin Vinnie, the divorce lawyer, to represent you. Traffic court is unlike any other court and a divorce lawyer would be just as lost in traffic court as a layman. Even when your ticket says, “court appearance mandatory” your lawyer can represent you, without your presence.

Nearly every defendant who goes into Hanford or Shafter without legal representation hears the judge say, “A 30 days’ suspension begins at 5 pm on Saturday” if convicted. The reason for the lag before the suspension is that most of the defendants in Hanford and Shafter are transients just passing through and this gives them time to get home before the suspension takes effect.

Bigger & Harman, APC

Don’t be one of those drivers that lose track of their speed out there on the freeway, it can be very costly and the inconvenience of not having a DL for 30 days is not worth it.

When you need a professional traffic ticket defense attorney, call Bigger & Harman, 661-349-9300. Or, email their law office Bigger & Harman only practice law in traffic court and represent their clients in Kern, Kings, Mono, Inyo and other Central Valley counties of CA. Don’t go it alone, call today.

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