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If Your Truck Is Overweight Your Ticket Might Be TooIn case you weren’t aware, the fines on overweight trucks in California are an interesting case. It’s by the pound, which most CA truckers are aware. They know when they are ticketed for an overloaded truck, they’re looking at $1.00 per pound overweight. Therefore, a truck that is 20,000 pounds above the declared (to the DMV) gross vehicle weight (GVW) or combined GVW is likely to receive a $20,000 fine if convicted. Commercial truckers pay a tax based on the declared GVW. When you receive an overweight ticket, you need a traffic ticket attorney.

Many would ask, “Why even fine truckers for overweight trucks? Where’s the harm?” The harm starts with taxpayer paid freeways and roadways across the state and continues with endangering other drivers and property owners along those roadways. Overloaded trucks often produce blown-out tires when the there is too much weight on the vehicle’s tires or the weight shifts en route. Blown-out tires lead to a loss of control by the driver in most cases and nobody wants an 80,000 vehicle to lose control.

In fact, part of the CA Vehicle Code (CVC) 35550 (c) deals with the tire manufacturer’s axle load limit.

Private Weighing Stations

According to the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) website, there are 40 private weighing stations in Kern County, 16 in Bakersfield alone, another 16 in Kings County, 27 in Tulare County, and 57 in Los Angeles County, where two of the busiest US ports (LA and Long Beach) are located. Sure, it will cost you to get your truck weighed there, but they need operating money and doesn’t it make more sense to get your truck weighed by someone voluntarily before law enforcement (LE) officials make you weigh-in and you are over? That way, you won’t get an overweight ticket.

Enforcement Weighing Stations

CA’s commercial motor vehicle (CMV) enforcement stations, “weigh stations,” or truck scales are a mandatory stop for all CMVs as defined in CVC 260 for inspection of weight, length, exhaust emissions, and equipment. The CA Highway Patrol (CHP) operates these stations and places signs ordering the stop when operational. Failure to stop is a misdemeanor crime under CVC. This does not include vanpools, standard pickups, house cars, or other vehicles not used for commercial purposes.

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