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Fighting The Exhibition Of Speed TicketAn Exhibition of Speed conviction in CA can lead to very high fines, the base fine is between $355 and $1000 before fees, surcharges, and assessments, two Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) points on your license, a license suspension, a vehicle inbound, and jail or probation. It is a very serious offense. In those Fast & Furious movies they never get caught, but that’s the movies, in real life, people get caught and they face serious consequences.

What California Law Says about Exhibition of Speed

CA Vehicle Code (CVC) 23109 (c) states, “A person shall not engage in a motor vehicle exhibition of speed on a highway, and a person shall not aid or abet in a motor vehicle exhibition of speed on any highway.” The law also refers to “speed contest” and “speed races” both against another vehicle or a clock or other instrument to measure the time and distance, unless there is no accompanying violation of the speed limit. There are other references to “squealing tires” and motorcycle “wheelies” or other actions intended to make an impression, an exhibition, or “showing off.” An exhibition of speed is a misdemeanor offense.

Just because you were in the area, does not mean that you were guilty of an exhibition of speed or that you aided another in an exhibition of speed. The prosecution must prove that you willfully drove your vehicle on a public roadway (which, includes a public parking lot) to impress another with its speed or aided in setting up a contest. It could be a case of mistaken identity, let the court decide.

Bigger & Harman, Expert Traffic Ticket Defenders

There are different procedures and processes, which we will look at depending on your circumstances. Many times, DMV procedures or other legal technicalities might require a not guilty judgment or dismissal by the court. Attorneys that practice traffic ticket defense daily, hear the judges’ ruling on points of law every day. They know what works and they know what will lead to a dismissal of the charges. Bigger & Harman deal with the traffic court judges almost daily in Kern, Inyo, Mono, and Fresno and other south-central CA counties.

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We are not saying this to brag, but we have a solid reputation with judges, court clerks, and LE officials throughout south-central CA. We are just stating the facts so that you can form your own opinion about whether you should trust us to help you fight an accusation of exhibition of speed. We are traffic ticket defenders and that’s all we do. If you need a divorce lawyer or someone to represent you in family court, we cannot do that. We are Bigger & Harman, traffic ticket defenders, give us a call at 661-349-9300 before deciding about your exhibition of speed defense.

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