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Mojave Speeding Ticket First OffenseMojave Speeding Tickets

So, you were caught and ticketed on SR-58 (sometimes called the Mojave-Barstow Highway) in Mojave while on your way up to Edwards, AFB from LA, on your way to visit your son, a new Airman. There are many variations of speeding tickets, not just depending on how fast you were going over the speed limit, but also weather, visibility, and road conditions (also known as “too fast for conditions”); an “exhibition of speed”, racing, or a speed contest; and speeding over 100 mph. Oh, and let’s not forget about CA Vehicle Code (CVC) 22406 a special state-wide speed limit for commercial three-axle trucks, buses, and private vehicles towing another vehicle or trailer and CVC 22407, a specific area or grade of highway that has a lower speed limit due to a particular danger identified by a traffic survey.

Most speeding tickets on CA freeways are a violation of CVC 22349 (a) or (b), exceeding the 65-mph or the 55-mph speed limit or CVC 22356 b, exceeding the 70-mph speed limit.

Speeding Ticket 1-15 MPH Over the Speed Limit

When a driver is convicted of this infraction of the speeding law, the basic fine is $35, however, the fees, surcharges, and assessments will bring the total to around $234. If the driver was in a private (non-commercial) vehicle and has not used traffic school for a traffic ticket within the last 18 months, they can pay an additional $64 with their fine and the court clerk can authorize traffic school. To find a state-approved course close to you check the DMV website at Additionally, you will need to pay the school whatever they charge as well.

Speeding 16-25 MPH Over the Speed Limit

According to California Judicial Council’s Bail Schedule, a conviction for speeding 16-25 mph over the limit call for a basic fine of $70, and once again with the assessments, the total will be around $360. The court clerk is still allowed to authorize traffic school in most counties up to 25 mph over (the traffic commissioner may restrict authorization to the judge). When traffic school is not authorized or an individual is not eligible, consult with a traffic ticket attorney for this and the other speeding tickets that follow.

Speeding 26 MPH Over the Speed Limit

Drivers convicted of 26 mph or more over the speed limit (up to 100 mph) will incur a basic fine of $100, but the total will be around $490 and individual judge’s have discretion. Call Bigger & Harman for a FREE consultation.

“Too Fast for Conditions”

This CVC 22350 is known as the “Prima Facie” or basic speed law and basically, says that no one shall drive a vehicle faster than what is prudent for the conditions of the highway, weather, and visibility. There are no specifics, such as, if it’s raining you can’t go more than 35 mph on a roadway with two lanes of traffic going in opposing directions, so this violation is largely subjective and up to the judgment of the law enforcement officer issuing the speeding ticket. However, there must be compelling evidence that the driver’s speed was unreasonable and “endangered” property or injury to other roadway users, including pedestrians. This precedence was established in a ruling in 2000, during the People v. Behjat ruling according to the Court Listener.

Too fast for conditions fines are based on other speeding fines, 1-15 over is around $234, 16-25 is around $360, and 26 mph over up to 100+ mph is around $480.

Speeding Over 100 MPH

CVC 22348 (b) is not a misdemeanor, yet it is a very serious infraction. A driver convicted on a speeding ticket over 100 mph fines can reach between $900 and $2600, insurance premiums will increase by half or more even for a first-time offense, a two-point NOTS assessment will stay on the driver’s motor vehicle record (MVR) for seven years, and the judge has the discretion to suspend that first-time offender’s DL for 30-days. If you go into a Kern or Kings County court to represent yourself or plead for the court’s mercy, you better plan for a ride home because if you are convicted, you are likely to hear the judge say, “Guilty, your 30-day suspension starts immediately, pay your fine to the court clerk, and don’t let me see you here again.”

An “Exhibition of Speed”

CVC 23109 (c) makes it illegal for any vehicle driver to engage in an exhibition of speed, speed contest, or racing, it also mentions squealing tires and motorcycle wheelies, as well as aiding in setting up a “street race” by setting up barriers, some locations that have a lot of problems with street races have prohibited attendance. Conviction of this misdemeanor is a two-point NOTS violation, a minimum fine of $355 up to $1000, imprisonment of at least one day up to 90 days, or both imprisonment and fine. In addition, the offender’s vehicle can be impounded and their DL suspended or restricted up to six months for the first offense. Of course, the $355-1000 is the base fine before fees, penalties, and assessments.

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