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3-Things To Know About Speeding Over 100MPHSpeeding Over 100MPH in Central Valley, CA

The odds of you getting caught speeding over 100mph are about the same in Central Valley, CA as in any other area of Cali. It’s just that in Central Valley you have somewhere to turn to get better legal representation in traffic court than other areas of Cali.

In fact, just about anywhere there is a 70mph speed limit and wide open desert, there are liable to be travelers who get used to driving 75-80mph day in and day out, until that one day when they step down on the gas to pass another driver doing 80-85mph. And, if you are just going to go into court and tell the judge, “Everyone was doing 80 or 90; I was just keeping up with traffic…”; “I knew I was speeding. I just didn’t know I was going that fast…”; or “I guess I speeded up a little too much to pass that car” then you are admitting guilt and will likely discover first-hand the consequences of speeding over 100mph.

Many probably won’t even realize they are doing going that fast until the lights and siren come on behind them. But, before that day comes for you, there are three essential truths about a 100mph speeding ticket you need to know and keep in mind while you’re out there on I-5, SR-99, I-15, or one of the other major freeways that allow 70mph. In this article, we will explain what everyone should know about this speeding conviction, including how to prevent it.

#1 – Just Don’t Do it! It’s not Worth the Sky-High Insurance Premium.

When you are convicted of speeding over 100mph, your insurance will skyrocket. The average auto insurance policy in CA is $1,038 annually, with a 100mph speeding conviction it will likely climb 50 to 100 percent. That’s right, your insurance premiums could double, depending on your insurance company and because there is no option for traffic school, your only recourse is to fight the ticket.

However, most of these tickets are issued to drivers in rental cars going from LA to San Francisco, like Lebron James (but, I wouldn’t worry too much about him, I’m sure he can afford the fine and to hire a chauffeur during his 30-day suspension). The point in mentioning this is that if you are going to fight the ticket, you or your attorney will need to go to court where you were given the ticket. If that was Bishop, in Mono County, even a driver from LA will have to take the day off from work to make the three-hour drive and then wait for your case to come up if you don’t hire an attorney.

#2 – The Fines Are Exorbitant!

The fine for speeding over 100mph, according to CA Vehicle Code (CVC) 22348 (b), the first conviction fine cannot exceed $500; but, when you add the county and state fees, surcharges, and penalties the fine is closer to $900-$2600. In addition, traffic courts in Kern County, such as Bakersfield, Lamont, and Mojave the judge could raise your fine considerably for every mph over 100. Therefore, if you add the fine for a first offender, $900-$2600, plus the increased insurance premiums, approximately $1500 for three years, depending on your driving history and social status, plus the cost of taking a day off and driving back to court, you could very easily be looking at $3000 to $4000 or more and a driver’s license suspension.

#3 – NOTS and Suspensions

A conviction for speeding over 100mph will be assessed two Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) points on your motor vehicle driving record (MVR) by the DMV. That means you’re half way there, half way to a six-month suspension and one-year probation when you accumulate four points in one year, six points in two years, or eight points in three years. But, the bad news is the judge has the discretion to impose a 30-day automatic suspension of your driver’s license. That will create a serious problem getting back and forth to work and around town after work.

Send a Local Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer, Instead

To avoid those three little-known consequences of a speeding over 100mph conviction, hire a local lawyer to represent you in court. Not only will you save money or vacation time taking a day off from work and not have to drive, but a local attorney is familiar with the flow of traffic court there. They will know the court clerk, the law enforcement officer (LEO) that ticketed you, and the judge. That is not to say there is a “good old boy” system, but when you are in traffic court day in and day out for a decade or more, you know that if the LEO doesn’t show up, the ticket will get dismissed, and you know what the judge will allow to reduce the charges. It just makes sense to hire a local Central Valley lawyer.

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