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One long-haul truck driver braved the Blue Cut fire and “just kept driving” through Barstow and towards Anaheim to complete his run.

Some Common Hazards On The GrapevineAfter he started his run in Illinois, 53-year-old Kevin Holladay had plenty of time to think about the California wildfires. All along the trip he kept hearing reports that the Grapevine was closed. Finally, at the Nevada-California border, Mr. Holladay saw a sign that said the Grapevine was open. But, the destruction that the flames brought was all too obvious. “Stuff you’ve seen for years is gone,” he remarked.

At one point, as many as 800 firefighters worked to battle the 1,200-acre blaze.

Trucker Citations

A wildfire isn’t the only thing that truck drivers on the Grapevine need to worry about. At the risk of fueling conspiracy theories, let me state that some advocates want to do away with large trucks, or at least greatly curtail their use. One way to bring about this result is to show that these vehicles are unsafe, which may explain the enormous pressure that CHP officers face to write up large trucks. Some of the most common infractions include:

  • Lane Violations: The heavy Grapevine traffic closer to Southern California makes it hard to stay on schedule and also hard to remain in the designated lane.
  • Speeding: The steep downward grade and speed limit change to 35 MPH south of the Kern/Los Angeles County line, make that stretch of roadway the ideal place for a legal speed trap.
  • Overweight: Not surprisingly, the weight violation fines are some of the stiffest ones in the Vehicle Code.

Truckers can do little about wildfires other than go around them or wait for someone else to take care of the problem, but an aggressive traffic ticket lawyer can fight your citation, to keep the violations off your record and more money in your pocket.

Getting Legal Help

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Truckers passing through Barstow should look out for overweight, speeding, and lane violation tickets. To keep points off your license, call Bigger & Harman.

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