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Calif -City Expands Online Traffic Ticket Services

Courts in Fresno County are keeping a close eye on the latest Los Angeles experiment with online traffic ticket disposition.

This new wrinkle is a Traffic Clerk Appointment Scheduler that lets drivers schedule an appointment with a clerk online, and then go to a designated window without waiting. Officials encouraged drivers to make these appointments during night court sessions, when traffic (no pun intended) is usually lighter. Other ticket online services include payment plan requests, ticket payment, and extension requests.

Not long ago, the Los Angeles County Superior Court also moved many small-claims court functions online.

What a Lawyer Can Do

Once the “internet of things” is fully developed, the entire traffic ticket apparatus will probably move online, but that time is probably still several decades away. Until then, only administrative functions, like ticket payment and clearly-eligible traffic school requests, can be done online. Obviously, there are times when these items are not exactly routine.

The current penalty assessment formula is $29 for every $10 in fines, and all municipalities add court costs and fees on top of that. So, a $35 no-big-deal fine will cost well over $400 at the window. About half of Americans cannot afford such an emergency expense, so that most likely means a payment plan. One day late on one payment probably triggers license suspension, and that’s a headache no one wants. An attorney can fight your ticket and get these penalty assessments reduced either at trial or during plea negotiations.

In California, traffic school takes care of the points, but not the fine. There are some very strict eligibility requirements; for example, drivers cannot have “attended” traffic school for a ticket that has been “issued” within the last 18 months.

Getting Legal Help

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