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Typos On The TicketIt would be nice if every typographical or other error on tickets on San Bernardino County and Kings County traffic tickets rendered them invalid, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. We all make mistakes, and even though they aren’t as common in Central California as in SoCal and some other more densely-populated areas, these kinds of mistakes still appear. Sometimes, the officer records the wrong information on the ticket; other times, a court clerk erroneously copies the information from the ticket onto the information or other official charging document.


Motorists have the right to know both the general and specific nature of the charges against them. So, if I get a speeding ticket, the citation must state where I was, how fast I was allegedly going, and other facts. Such specificity serves two purposes: It informs the motorist of the charges and helps an attorney present a defense.

When errors happen, there is a variance (difference) between the pleadings and the proof. Typically, someone catches the error early in the process and the defendant receives a Notice of Correction or some similar document. That’s because the motorist must receive notice of the changes before trial. The notice cures the defect in full, for most purposes.

Sometimes, however, a case slips through the cracks, and a legal doctrine called idem sonans kicks in. This phrase is Latin for “sounds alike” and Legalese for “pretty close.” If the variance is minor, like “Smith/Smyth,” the judge will probably apply idem sonans and allow the prosecutor to proceed. But if it’s a larger variance, such as the kind of vehicle, the judge may dismiss the case.

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A variance between the pleadings and the proof may not prompt a Kings County judge to dismiss the citation. Your best bet is to have a lawyer fight for you.

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