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New Study Confirms Insurance Rate Ticket Spike

A speeding ticket around Independence and Bishop drives auto insurance rates up an average of 20 percent for at least three years; that figure is well above the national average and doesn’t necessarily include the loss of your good drivers discount.

NerdWallet looked at rates for 30-year-old women and men with clean driving records, and compared them to rates for similarly-aged people with a speeding ticket for 11-15mph over the limit. Things could be worse, because we could live in North Carolina, where a single speeding ticket means a 62 percent rate hike. At 1 percent, New Hampshire was on the other end of the scale.

Study authors suggested that people shop around for lower rates and do not hesitate to switch, even if it means changing companies.

100+MPH Speeding Tickets

NerdWallet probably looked at 11-15mph-over tickets because that’s what most people get. California, like most other states, basically has stair step speeding tickets, and the faster you are allegedly going, the higher the fine and the larger the insurance rate spike. The big kahuna of speeding tickets is a VC 22348(b) infraction. Its $859 cost (fines plus penalty assessments) is almost twice as much as a 26+mph-over ticket, which is the next lowest level, and the VC 22348(b) fine goes up with each tick on the speedometer. Furthermore, the infraction carries a possible drivers’ license suspension and two points towards NOTS suspension, and traffic school cannot remove these points.

Sometimes, the state’s evidence is flawed, perhaps by a Radar gun that wasn’t properly calibrated. But you shouldn’t rely on just one defense on such an important ticket. You should be looking for every technicality that could help you with your case.

Getting Legal Help

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VC 22348(b) infractions around Bishop and Independence are among the most serious citations in the vehicle code. To fight these tickets, call Bigger & Harman.

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