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Fourteen Years 500-000-Plus Miles Zero TicketsA California man has never received a speeding ticket because of an advanced radar detector, but are such devices legal in Barstow and Apple Valley?

“Tony B.” did not give his full name and address for the interview, and we can see why. “Tony” has travelled over 660,000 miles in his pickup, and although he technically received two speeding tickets in the truck, both those were due to operator error (an improper installation and a child turning off the device). He uses a combination radar detector and laser diffuser.

Based on testimonials like this one, the company set up a “High Mileage Club” for people who successfully avoid speeding tickets.

Radar Detectors

The law in California is a bit tricky on this subject, because although it is not illegal to own such devices, it can be illegal to use them. VC 26708 prohibits drivers from mounting anything that obstructs the front windshield, rear windshield, or windows. That includes radar detectors, cellphone mounts, car deodorizers, and anything else that obscures vision in any possible way. So, make sure your detector is mounted in a way that does not block vision.

For drivers in Mono and Inyo Counties or other snow-prone areas, VC 26708 also applies to any snow or ice on the outside of a vehicle that could obstruct vision in any way, so all glass surfaces need to be clear and dry.

As police radar and lidar tactics have grown more sophisticated, these devices have become much more expensive.

Please remember that it is illegal for truckers to use radar detectors and for jammers to be used by anyone in California.

Getting Legal Help

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Mono County drivers may own radar detectors but must be very careful when using them because sometimes they can just get you into further trouble. If so, call Bigger & Harman.
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