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Getting A Fine Going Down The GrapevineEvery trucker that’s ever hauled a load across the state of California knows about the section of road on I-5 known as the “Grapevine.” The Grapevine is a section of I-5, which Caltrans (California Department of Transportation describes as a “…portion of I-5 called the Grapevine begins at the north end of Castaic in the Santa Clarita Valley where the freeway begins a northerly climb at Parker Road -- and where the California Highway Patrol closes the freeway when snow or icy conditions northward prohibit safe travel.”

The Grapevine

The Grapevine, according to CrashForensics at Tejon Summit it is actually a five or six mile stretch of freeway in Central Valley California that on the northbound descent has an average 4 percent grade, but there are portions that are closer to 6% and plunges 2600 feet over an 11-mile section. The Grapevine is a dangerous stretch of highway that has many stories to tell if it could, hence the runaway truck ramps and seriously reduced speed limit of 35 mph for truckers and some other vehicles subject to CA Vehicle Code 22406 and 22407, Other Speed Laws.

CVC 22406 prohibits three-axle and some other vehicles from exceeding 55 mph statewide and CVC 22407 allows Caltrans and local authorities to justify reduced speed limits on stretches of road such as the Grapevine when a survey has been completed that shows the inherent danger of even a 55-mph limit and authorizes reduced speeds based on that survey of as low as 25 mph.

Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) and Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Holders

CDL holders are held to a much higher standard than other drivers on California’s highways. When a regular driver gets a speeding ticket the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) assesses a one-point NOTS penalty when convicted, the same is true for an at-fault accident. NOTS points are only assessed on moving violations. However, a CDL holder gets assessed a 1.5-point penalty for the same conviction of that violation. Both have the same maximum of four points within a one-year period, six points within a two-year period, and eight points within a three-year period before a suspension/probation notice is issued and a suspension order will be issued unless a DMV Hearing is requested, and the hearing officer finds reason to grant a stay on that suspension.

Both drivers have 10 days to request a DMV Hearing after the receipt of notice from the DMV. A DMV Hearing can be requested by calling your local DMV, (800) 777-0133, or by mail to your local DMV Safety Office. You are entitled to have legal representation at a DMV Hearing and it is advisable to do so. A good traffic ticket defender knows which tickets can be challenged, even those you chose to just pay the fine.

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You’re not the first to get a speeding ticket going down the Grapevine and you likely won’t be the last. In fact, we have represented hundreds of clients in Santa Clarita, Lamont, Shafter, and Hanford traffic courts who were ticketed on I-5. In all, we have successfully represented more than 2000 drivers in Central Valley and some in So Cal county courts, including LA, Barstow, and Riverside.

When most truckers come in to see us, it is not because they have a particular defense or that they think are better than anyone else, it is because their livelihood is on the line and they must give themselves a chance to win. With us, they have a better than average chance of success, not because we think we are better than any other lawyer, it’s because we spend the time in traffic court and the law library. We have the knowledge and experience only gathered by practicing traffic law in traffic court and we are proud to serve these guys and gals that deliver the goods for the people of California.

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“If you're a regular on the Grapevine you know the strong probability of speeding tickets. What's worse than that? Forgetting to pay it! Fines up and up. Thank goodness for Mark Bigger.” – Michelle N., Corona del Mar

“The right call. Did wonders for me. Got a ticket speeding down grapevine over 30+ and log book violation and they got it dismissed. Never expected the outcome. A++++. I will call them for any violation no hesitation.” – Ryan W., Apple Valley

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