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How Do I-Adjudicate My TicketAdjudicate My Ticket

According to the legal definition of adjudicating is “1) In a judicial proceeding, the act of resolving a dispute or deciding a case. 2) A judicial ruling or decision.” So, for those who ask, “How do I adjudicate my ticket?” the answer may be as simple as paying your fine. However, the easy choice is not always the best choice or even the least expensive over time.

When you receive a traffic ticket or citation for a violation of the CA Vehicle Code (CVC) there are a few options you can take. First, you can plead guilty or no contest or “nolo contendere,” which simply means you don’t agree with the charge against you but you will accept the penalty. Usually, no contest is used when there is a civil action pending but you need to clear the ticket, so you don’t want to reveal anything that could be used against you at the civil trial, and then pay the ticket. A no contest plea, once the fine is paid, looks same on your motor vehicle driving record (MVR).

Pay Online

In CA, you can normally pay in person, by phone, or online. Check your ticket or reminder and it will say if you can pay online. You can also Google the court, say Fresno court and the page to pay online will be one of the choices. DO NOT use an online option if you will plead not guilty or for fix-it tickets. Take your fix-it ticket with the correction to the courthouse, so the law enforcement officer can clear you.

If you wish to ask the judge to consider your ability to pay or ask for a payment schedule, you must do that at your arraignment or trial. In cases where you must pay bail to request a court trial, you can ask then, too. After the judge has granted your request for payments, you may then pay online. You should always consult with a traffic ticket attorney before pleading guilty, nolo contendere, paying your fine, CG services, or MSB Collection.

Plead Not Guilty

If you want to fight the ticket, you have two options, ask for an arraignment with a trial on another date, or an arraignment and trial on the same date. There are some cases where you must pay bail when the arraignment date and the trial date are different, this is a convenience offered by the court. When the court has a specific reason for bail, such as it is required by law, you refuse to sign agreeing to appear, or the court decides you may not show up for trial due to the severity of your charge, these are usually felony hit and run, vehicular homicide, or other serious charges.

At the Arraignment

At the Arraignment, the court officer or judicial officer will tell you what you have been charged with, explain your rights, ask you how you plead, what will happen if you request a separate date. The best choice is to consult an attorney, ask Bigger & Harman, “Should I adjudicate my ticket?” before you decide.

Always Consult a Local Traffic Ticket Attorney

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