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Touring the National Parks, Last Stop: Traffic Court

Touring The National Parks Last Stop Traffic CourtBucket List Bonanza

Well, we made the bucket list trip of a lifetime traveling through Yosemite and Death Valley National Park on our way to Vegas. Most people don’t even see one National Park in a lifetime and went to two in just a few days. Our trip included a few days in Las Vegas, the great food, entertainment, and of course the slots! From the peaceful splendor of Yosemite and Death Valley to the excitement and bright lights of Vegas to the boring highway through the Mojave National Preserve at night, cruising along I-15 heading home to Ventura and then the sudden distress of flashing lights and sirens in the rearview and the worries of traffic court.

Up Next, Traffic Court

And so, our fabulous, once in a lifetime journey will take a detour for our last stop at traffic court all because we were doing the speed limit while towing a recreational trailer. I had no idea I was limited to 55 mph when everyone else is allowed to go 65 or 70. The police officer said that is a “Basic California Law”. Where does it say that and how is a casual driver and trailer tower supposed to know this? I mean, we have had this trailer for five years and this is only the second time it has even been out of the driveway. I know ignorance of the law is no excuse, but it’s the only one I have.

Hiring an Attorney

I have never needed to hire a traffic defense attorney and did not really know where to look, so I did a Google search and was amazed to find so many traffic ticket lawyers and their outrageous claims. Later that day I was having coffee with a friend and I was telling him about our trip and of course our misfortune. He said right away, you need to call Bigger & Harman. Not knowing the number, I searched Google for Bigger & Harman and found pages of reviews and comments on a Yelp page. What caught my eye, more than all the comments from people they had helped and one guy complaining about having to pay his fine, was that they only practice in traffic court. That’s all I need; I don’t need advice about divorce court, just traffic court.

Mr. Bigger was very easy to talk to, he told me to call him Mark, but I was raised in a military family and have never been able to do that. Anyway, he gave me the straight answers I needed without all the legal jargon and agreed to represent me in traffic court next month. He says there are no guarantees, but he has some ideas and I appreciate that. I don’t want to pay the $520 fine or lose the good driver discount on my insurance for three years.

If you believe you were wrongfully ticketed, you’re looking at a suspended license due to an accumulation of points, or need representation because you were named in a police report as the at-fault driver in an accident, give us a call, 661-349-9300 or email to discuss a plan of action before moving forward. The judge may not always see it the same as the traffic officer.

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