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5-Traffic Tickets Truckers Need To AvoidMost Americans average 40 hours per week on the job, whereas commercial drivers, particularly over-the-road truckers average 70 hours during an eight-day period, on the job, which means on the road. Yet, when they get a traffic ticket they accumulate a half point more than their non-commercial driver counterpart. In California, the regular Joe, who drives back and forth to work and then to the convenience store, are allowed to go 70 mph max, while truckers are held to 55 mph. So, the trucker, anxious to get home, rolling along Highway 58 in the Mojave Desert, where there’s nothing but sand, roads, and tumbleweeds, allows their speed to creep up over 55 mph could get themselves a ticket and 1.5 points, whereas average Joe still has another 15 mph more before he gets one and only one point against his license. Some would say that’s fair because the semi-trucker has 80,000 tons of destruction behind them if they lose control. But, if the average driver loses his license, he doesn’t automatically lose his job and the ability to feed his family.

Clean Driver’s Record vs Close to Suspension

However, you look at it, truckers look at tickets one of two ways, one is the driver with a clean record who wants to keep it that way because they have a great employer that pays them well and they don’t want to lose that job. The other is the guy or gal that has been a little less careful and is now looking to keep their points from getting any closer to suspension. They have probably already been warned by their employer. They’re just trying to hold out until they get to a point where some points come off their CDL and they won’t have the stress of losing their jobs and lose the ability to feed their family.

Bigger & Harman, A Professional Corporation (APC)

When you talk to Mark Bigger or Paul Harman, you get the feeling they are not just in this for the money. When they speak about getting misdemeanors on truckers dismissed or a suspension reduced to probation, you can see in their eyes that they really care about their clients. Mark says, “This is one of the most satisfying parts of our job because some of the trucker drivers really are picked on. In California, it’s actually a misdemeanor if they are charged with 15 mph over the speed limit under VC 22406.1 (VC 22406(a) is just an infraction for exceeding 55, so sometimes they don’t even realize they have been hit with the more serious charge).” Many routes are posted for 70 mph, but not for buses or trucks hauling a trailer, it is 55 mph.

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