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Screaming And CryingWhat effect will a fatal crash involving a northbound bus have for drivers in Mojave and Apple Valley?

The wreck happened in Merced County. Authorities state that the bus driver, 57-year-old Mario David Vasquez, tried to pass another vehicle which did not yield to the bus. Mr. Vasquez lost control of the vehicle, which slammed into a large pole and essentially split in two. “There was lots of screaming and crying,” reported passenger Leonardo Sanchez. “We couldn’t pull people out because there was shattered glass everywhere,” he added. Four people were killed and eighteen others were injured.

Mr. Vasquez’s commercial drivers’ license was suspended for two months in 2015 because of two serious violations (speeding and reckless driving) in 2014; Mr. Vasquez also has an unspecified adverse medical condition.

Safety-Related Suspensions

The DMV always cites instances like this one when pressed about its strict policies regarding medical suspensions and Negligent Operator Treatment System points-based suspensions.

Moving violations in either California or another state add points to your license. The DMV will try to suspend your license if you accumulate:

  • Six points in twelve months,
  • Eight points in twenty-four months, or
  • Ten points in thirty-six months.

Commercial drivers collect points at a 50 percent faster rate than non-commercial drivers (e.g. a two-point infraction is three points against a CDL) and commercial drivers are normally ineligible for traffic school.

Ticket spacing is often an effective defense at NOTS hearings. For example, if a commercial driver got a speeding ticket in January of one year and had a clean record until January of the next year, a hearing officer may probate part of the suspension or reduce the period, especially if there are other extenuating circumstances.

Medical-related suspensions are often based on technical grounds, like missing or out-of-date paperwork. An experienced attorney knows what the DMV wants to see, and can sometimes take care of the matter without a hearing.

Getting Legal Help

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