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255 suppliers work in 535 facilities spread across forty states to provide environmentally-friendly products for the ground transportation industry in Mojave and Barstow. A new report indicates that products like advanced tires and vehicle control systems are designed to make the transportation industry greener.

The government is getting ready to pass drastic new fuel efficiency standards for large trucks, because although they account for less than 5 percent of the vehicles on the road, they produce about 23 percent of the nation’s greenhouse gases, an industry group determined. The Environmental Protection Agency says that the new fuel standards – which will probably be phased in from 2019 to 2027 – may save 1.5 million barrels of oil a day by 2040. California and Michigan currently have the most green-truck manufacturers. Innovation is spreading to other areas as well; for example, some truck stops now offer plug-in stations so rigs don’t have to idle while their drivers take mandatory rest breaks.

However, there is widespread industry concern that some of the environmental regulations actually make driving more dangerous for many truckers.

Trucker Violations

In addition to stricter environmental rules, truckers must comply with zero-tolerance CHP enforcement of certain Vehicle Code infractions. Zero-tolerance means more tickets, but also means that the tickets are sometimes easier to defend in court, because borderline matters that probably merit warnings draw citations, and there is not enough evidence to obtain convictions in court.

Zero-tolerance for non-commercial vehicles normally only exists around high driving holidays, but commercial drivers must deal with it almost every day in areas like:

  • Speeding: It’s very rare to cross the Grapevine from Los Angeles into Kern Counties and not see at least two or three CHP officers writing speeding tickets, because of the downslope and speed limit change.
  • Green Means Green For California CompaniesLane Violation: It is not easy to stay in the designated lane in heavy traffic that is often slow-moving.
  • Overweight: Zero-tolerance also sometimes means quick trigger finger, because inspectors may not give drivers the chance to offload cargo or shift the load before they issue a ticket.not eligible for traffic school even if they got the ticket in a passenger vehicle.

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