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Most parents are keenly aware that the Legislature passed a new law which requires kids to get ten vaccinations before they can attend public school in Delano or Ridgecrest.

While some parents are upset over the number of shots or the fact that they have concerns about how vaccinations can affect children’s health in different ways, the law is the law. But another shot in the arm is the return of law enforcement to school zones near you.

School Zones

Under VC 22352(b), the presumed school zone speed limit is 25mph, but the reduced speed limit isn’t necessarily in force even if the lights are flashing.

  • A-Healthy Start To The New Year: This is often an important point in traffic ticket cases, because the signs must be visible and the required statutory language must be clear.

    When Children Present: For the citation to be valid, children must be “going to or leaving the school either during school hours or during the noon recess period” when it was issued. Sometimes judges and law enforcement officers have to be educated on this point.

  • 500 Feet: If the sign is 501 feet from school grounds, the ticket is invalid, and many times, the only way to get an accurate measurement is to use a tape measurer at the scene.

The school zone speeding fine is 50 percent higher than the normal speeding fine; the same thing applies for construction zones, business districts, alleys, senior centers, and some other special zones.

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