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Thats Hall Monitor To YouA peace officer gave his own wife a traffic ticket in a high-enforcement area, like the ones in Needles and Visalia.

After Orange County Deputy Sheriff Mike Wigginton pulled over a vehicle in the carpool lane that had only one occupant, he was rather surprised that his wife rolled down the window. She pointlessly explained that she was in a hurry to get to work. When he reached for his ticket book, she asked “Mike, what are you doing?” “It’s ‘deputy,’” he responded. After a bit more back and forth, Deputy Wigginton dismissively said “We’ll argue about this later.”

When Ms. Wigginton handed over her license and registration, she included a handwritten note that read “baby Wigginton arrives September 2016.”

Specialized Speeding Zones

Here in the High Desert, we don’t have to worry about carpool lanes on the freeway. However, there are a number of high-enforcement areas on local roadways, like:

  • Construction Zones: For the higher fines to apply, and they are a lot higher, workers must be present and the sign announcing the lower speed limit must state the reason for the change.
  • School Zone: VC 22358.4(B) only applies when children are present near the street before school, after school, and during recess.

If the state cannot prove each and every element of the violation, the judge will generally throw out the ticket. In borderline cases, the prosecutor will often either dismiss the case or agree to reduce the fine and/or charge.

Getting Legal Help

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