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The Next Really Really Big ThingA California-based startup wants to bring driverless big-rig trucks to Needles, Barstow, and other locales along I-5.

Anthony Levandowski envisions a fleet of 18-wheelers that are like commercial airliners: a human driver handles cargo pick-up and drop-off, but when the truck is on the open road, a robot driver takes over. His San Francisco company, Otto, already has outfitted three big rigs with sensor arrays and employs about 40 people; most of them were formerly with the Google driverless car program and other similar initiatives.

Mr. Levandowski now wants to find about 1,000 truck driver volunteers who will outfit their rigs, at no cost to them, with an autopilot feature. Full rollout is probably still several decades away, but the day is drawing closer.

Trucker Traffic Tickets

Regardless of who, or what, is behind the wheel, peace officers in California have their eyes on large trucks, and are anxious to issue violations for:

  • Overweight: Roadside inspectors do not always give drivers an opportunity to offload some cargo or shift their loads before writing citations.
  • Speeding: Unless they start slowing down well in advance, it is almost impossible for trucks to comply with sudden changes in the speed limit, like the one that occurs at the Nevada-California border.
  • Improper Lane: It is also difficult to maneuver a fully-loaded truck, especially in moderate or heavy traffic, so it is not always easy to stay in the designated lane.

Truckers accumulate points at a 50 percent greater rate than non-commercial drivers and are normally ineligible for traffic school.

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