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“STOP” may seem like a fairly straightforward command to drivers in Bakersfield and Mojave, but there is much more involved than just the brake pedal.

An intersection on Davis Street in Manteca is fairly typical. It is located near a DMV office, so operators on their driving tests always meticulously stop. Afterwards, however, the stop sign is more like a “slow” sign. Police Chief Nick Obligacion estimates that only about half of the drivers that approach stop signs fully comply with the applicable Vehicle Code provision, even when there is a marked unit conducting surveillance. Many of the cited drivers are surprised to learn that they are receiving citations, because they honestly thought that they had stopped in accordance with the law.

The city keeps almost none of the money that the tickets generate. Based on 2015 figures, the department would have to issue 600,000 tickets to pay the salary and benefits of its 64 officers.

Stop Sign Tickets

In California, a vehicle “stops” when the wheels are no longer turning. Some other states require more, like the car rocking back. So, it is easier to fight stop sign tickets in Kings County. In many cases, the officer’s view is obscured, so it is difficult to tell when, and if, the wheels stop moving.

That being said, there are other VC 22450 violations besides failing to stop. Technically, a “stop” must occur when the vehicle is entirely behind the limit line. If there is no such line, most officers and courts draw an imaginary line behind the sidewalk. Bear in mind that there is a difference between the limit line and the crosswalk.

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