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Kids, stay in school and do your math homework.

A physics professor at The University of California recently submitted a four-page paper to the trial judge presiding over the professor's ticket for rolling through a stop-sign. The paper relied on the distinction between angular and linear motion to support the idea that the perception of speed is dependent on the observer's viewpoint. The professor argued that, since the officer viewed the incident from the side, he could have stopped very quickly and then accelerated very quickly, making it appear as though he had never stopped.

The professor later posted his paper online; the judge dismissed the ticket.

You may not have a mathematical justification for your driving behavior, but you can have a lawyer thoroughly review your case and see if you have a valid defense to your traffic ticket. Do not simply pay the fine on your Mojave, Lamont, Shafter, Delano, or Bakersfield ticket without at least talking to an experienced lawyer here in Bakersfield. If the officer did not follow the proper procedure, there is a lack of evidence or you have a witness that supports your side of the story, an attorney may be able to successfully defend you in court.

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