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Large Truck Loses Its Load In Multi Vehicle CrashA large truck overturned near San Bernardino, spilling onions all over Interstate 10.

The wreck, which occurred west of Live Oak Canyon Road, involved a large truck, a black Mercedes, and a third vehicle that was not identified. Moments before the wreck and spill, several motorists reported drivers going the wrong way to avoid a traffic jam.

The big rig driver was transported to a local hospital, but is expected to be all right. No other injuries were reported.

Trucker Violations

In 2014, nearly 4,000 people died in large truck-involved crashes, and the number has steadily increased since 2009. Because of the rising death toll, many jurisdictions, including California, have special laws that target commercial drivers and make it more difficult for truckers to operate in the state.

Many of these laws try to restrict truck size, speed, and operation. For example, California has a lower speed limit for most trucks. Normally, the speed limit is not an issue, because most truckers keep their speed down to conserve fuel. However, Nevada has a higher speed limit than California, and many truckers get pulled over on I-40 near Needles and on the Mojave-Barstow Freeway on the other side of Primm.

Further west along the Grapevine, CHP officers often write tickets for lane violations, because it is hard to stay in the right lane in moderate traffic. Moreover, many roadside inspection stations have a zero-tolerance policy for overweight and equipment violations. When a trucker gets a moving violation, the points pile up at a 50 percent greater rate.

Aggressive representation can keep fines low, which means more money in your pocket, and points low, so you can stay on the road.

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