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Tour Of DutyA military veteran and truck driver passed near Mojave and Ridgecrest earlier this month as he cleared the halfway point on a 50-state tour with a discarded American flag he picked up near Omaha, Nebraska. His quest is noble, but he should be on the lookout for CHP officers during his visit to our fair state.

At the time, Jay Gridley said that picking up the flag was simply the right thing to do. Later, he began to think “’What can I do with this flag to honor it and what it means to people?’” So, he set out on a “mission” to visit all 50 states with the flag, meeting and talking to people as he goes. Mr. Gridley set up a Facebook page that has garnered over 100,000 shares, and the Golden State is the twenty-sixth state that he and the flag have visited.

When he is finished, Mr. Gridley plans to either encase the flag or “hand it down to family and keep it going.”

Common Truck Driver Violations

Largely due to environmental concerns about diesel engines, California is one of the most trucker-unfriendly states in the Union. Some common trucker infractions include:

  • Overweight Violations: Roadside inspectors generally give drivers a chance to rearrange their loads or offload some cargo before they issue citations, but that is not always the case.
  • Speeding: While roadside inspection stations are everywhere, many truckers get speeding tickets on Interstate 15 between Primm and Mountain Pass, because of the steep downhill grade and speed limit change.
  • Lane Violation: Large trucks have designated lanes, and in heavy traffic, it is not always easy to stay in the proper lane.

Commercial drivers pick up points at a 50 percent greater rate than non-commercial drivers, so a two-point infraction becomes three points and so on.

Getting Legal Help

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