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SpotlightAccording to the National Park Service, humans have inhabited the area in and around the Death Valley National Park for over 5,000 years.

The Mojave Desert still draws many visitors, mostly because of its diverse landscape. Elevations range from 11,000 foot high Telescope Peak to the Badwater area, which at 282 feet below sea level is the lowest point in the United States. Geologists call this topography a Basin and Range Province, which is a fancy way of saying high and low places. The Mojave Desert is far from lifeless: the entire area is dotted with shrubs and brush.

Although temperatures in the Mojave Desert are typically lower than some other spots, it gets up to 134 degrees Fahrenheit in Death Valley.

Federal Traffic Tickets

Believe me when I tell you that the scenery in the Mojave Desert is much nicer than the inside of the Bakersfield Federal Courthouse. Unfortunately, if you get a traffic ticket on federal property, Bakersfield is your next port of call. You can also believe me when I tell you that a visit to the Mojave Desert is infinitely more fun than a day in court.

Since the judge only hears traffic tickets a few days a year, the clerks are very inflexible when asked to reschedule court dates. Since an attorney can appear for you in federal court, you do not need to change your busy schedule.

In a similar vein, Bakersfield is not a very convenient location, especially if you were vacationing from another part of the state or country. So, it’s always best to partner with an attorney who is authorized to practice in federal traffic ticket court.

Getting Legal Help

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