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Catch 22AB-60 licenses have significant benefits for residents of Visalia and Porterville. What do these documents mean for employers in these communities and other ones across California?

Text in the bill itself prohibits employers from discriminating against potential workers who present AB-60 licenses as a form of identification. But there is a disclaimer on the licenses themselves that they are not valid for employment purposes. So, if a worker presents an AB-60 license, the employer should know that the person is an undocumented immigrant.

However, when completing the I-9, the applicant must provide additional proof of residency after presenting a drivers’ license. So, an employer can accept an AB-60 license as proof of identification and then request additional documents to verify proof of residency. As a result, employers don’t have to refuse to accept AB-60 licenses, as long as the applicants understand that they are for identification purposes only.

No Drivers’ License Violations

There are about a half-dozen reasons for license suspensions in California, and many of them have little or nothing to do with roadway safety. To make matters worse, the DMV always mails the notice of suspension to the person’s address of record in the system. Once the case goes to court, that mailing is considered proof that the person received notice, even if the letter went to the wrong address.

To fight these suspensions, an attorney can often get the DMV to give you a hearing and fight for the suspension to be lifted. At that hearing, you can present evidence to convince the officer to cancel the suspension, reduce it, or allow you to drive on a limited basis.

Getting Legal Help

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