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Dl SuspensionThere are nine different ways that drivers from Mammoth Lakes or Bridgeport may have their licenses suspended, and many of them have little or nothing to do with driving safety. They are:

  • At-fault accident with no insurance,
  • Failure to report an accident,
  • DUI arrest or conviction,
  • Minor in possession of alcohol,
  • Points suspension,
  • Medical condition,
  • Vandalism,
  • Failure to appear in court or missed deadline, and
  • Nonpayment of child support.

In cases involving minor in possession, vandalism, child support, and arguably failure to appear, the suspensions are punitive or designed to compel certain conduct. These “social suspensions” have been harshly criticized by many people.

The good news is that most all these cases require a hearing, and an experienced attorney can do a world of good.

Drivers’ License Suspension Hearings

When it comes to points suspensions, the state initially puts drivers on probation, generally for six months. If you commit any moving violations during that period or otherwise violate the probation, the state will send notice of a suspension hearing.

The deck is stacked against you. The hearing officer, who is not a judge and probably not even an attorney, serves as prosecutor, judge, and jury. Furthermore, since a Negligent Operator Treatment System hearing is not technically a criminal matter, many Constitutional rights do not apply.

Nevertheless, there are a number of good things that can happen at this hearing. Some possible outcomes include:

  • Reduced suspension period,
  • Extension of probation in lieu of suspension, and
  • Discharge due to lack of evidence (getting the matter thrown out).

There is also no risk, because the worst possible outcome at a NOTS hearing is that your license is suspended, and that would have happened whether you requested a hearing or not.

Getting Legal Help

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