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Eye In The SkyThe initial prototype of the B-47 Stratojet – one of the first high-altitude, jet-powered heavy bombers in the world – recently came back home to Edwards Air Force Base.

This aircraft first flew over the Mojave Desert in a series of test flights between 1948 and 1954 – the early Cold War era. Its multiple jet engines and never-done-before wing design were both completely revolutionary at the time. The B-47’s success set the stage for the long-serving B-52 and its more advanced aeronautical offspring, the B-1 and B-2. After being decommissioned, the test prototype spent the next sixty years at a museum in Illinois. It took seven oversized flatbed trailers to move the airplane in parts from the Prairie State to California.

Once re-assembled, visitors and servicemembers can see the B-47 at the Air Force Flight Test Museum.

Federal Traffic Tickets

If you want to see this venerable old aircraft, look out for MPs, because they take traffic violations very seriously. The security troops say they write more tickets for running stop signs than almost anything else. If they do not see the car rock back, they issue citations, and that’s a stricter definition of “stop” than the one in the California Vehicle Code. Moreover, there are no “fix-it” tickets in the federal system. State court judges typically dismiss citations for expired stickers or burnt-out tail lights if the drivers address the problem within a few days, but federal judges make no such allowances. Finally, federal court for Edwards offenses are held in Bakersfield.

An attorney can appear for you and also fight your ticket, which means that you save money, aggravation, and time.

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