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Advocacy Group Says It Lost The DL-BattleAlthough some groups still claimed victory now that a watered-down drivers’ license relief bill will go into effect in Lamont and Shafter, the ACLU admitted defeat.

Senate Bill 881 was one of two “greatest disappointments.” The original measure would have basically de-coupled failure to appear in court and mandatory license suspension. But local judges and the Brown Administration both balked at the bill’s scope, citing concerns that state and local governments would lose too much revenue if it passed. The final version made a few favorable tweaks to the traffic ticket amnesty, but that’s about it.

Drivers’ License Suspension

Mandatory suspension, or some similar vehicle, will probably always be around, because the state needs some way to coerce people into paying traffic ticket fines. However, since California drivers owe about $10 billion in unpaid fines, one might question how effective the current system is.

In addition to coercive suspensions, there are also safety-related suspensions. Most of these actions come about because of too many points on a license, such as four points in twelve months, or because of a medical condition that could cause unconsciousness, like epilepsy.

Some people mistakenly believe that there is no way to fight these suspensions. But the purpose of these hearings is to determine whether the drivers are safety hazards, and not to determine how many points the drivers have or what medical conditions they are dealing with. If an attorney can convince the hearing officer that the driver is not overly dangerous, the officer will often either reduce the suspension period or not impose a penalty at all.

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