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Top Driving Pet PeevesAs the political conventions mercifully draw to a close, the issue on the mind of every San Bernardino county voter is the type of traffic ticket that most gets your goat.

In an extremely unscientific poll, texting while driving led the way with sixty-three likes. As a brief aside, these tickets aren’t written as much because they are difficult to prove in court and the fine, while steep, is not nearly as high as some other infractions. Handicap parking abuse and failing to use a turn signal were tied for second with forty-one likes each; speeding (thirty likes) and cars parked in bicycle lanes (twenty-nine likes) rounded out the top five.

Honorable mention, or perhaps dishonorable mention, goes to illegally crossing two sets of double yellow lines, overly-tinted windows, failure to dim highbeams, driving below the speed limit, and reckless bicyclists.

Commonly-issued Traffic Tickets

Among non-commercial drivers, speeding tickets are probably the most commonly-issued citations in Fresno County. They are easy to prove in court if no technical defenses are used, especially if the officer used Radar or LIDAR or some other mechanical device. Moreover, with a total bail fee (fines and penalty assessment) between $230 and $470, depending on the velocity, speeding tickets are good money makers. But defenses do exist as well as other means to reduce the consequences.

For commercial drivers, overweight tickets are common for the same reasons: they are objective and, with fines up to $2,000 an even higher, they are good moneymakers. The nice thing is that the fine can often be negotiated and points avoided.

Getting Legal Help

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