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Who Is FasterA local police department is trying to cut down on the kind of street racing that’s popular in some parts of Bakersfield and Fresno.

As part of their Top the Cops initiative, the CHP and other law enforcement agencies use the Sonoma Raceway strip to drag race against civilian vehicles. The festivities include a wide array of vehicles, from souped-up Camaros to “station wagons [and] minivans,” according to Sonoma Raceway spokesperson Laurence Lea. The program is popular with teens, because it gives them a place to race without fear of a ticket or of causing an injury. It is popular with officers as well, because it gives them a chance to strut their stuff and interact with kids in a different way. The officers admit that the teens win about 50 percent of the time.

Top the Cops will run on most Wednesdays this summer.

Upgraded Charges

VC 23190 does not just apply to Grease and American Graffiti-style drag races between highly-modified hot rods. Sometimes, after just a quick slip of the tires, an overly aggressive police officer will write you up. A conviction means a minimum $400 in fines and penalty assessments, not to mention two points on a drivers’ license and a misdemeanor conviction. Your insurance could double or triple for up to ten years.

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