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silver liningGeorge Jetson drove a flying car, so why can’t George Jefferson, or any other George in Bakersfield or Fresno, for that matter?

Terrafugia, a Massachusetts-based tech company, claims that flying cars are eight to 12 years away. As an added bonus, the company’s version of the flying car would basically fly itself, leaving Google’s self-driving cars in the dust. In a promotional video, the soon-to-be-developed prototype resembles a DeLorean with movable rotors. After it takes off like a helicopter, the operator tells it where to go, and it flies there at up to 200 mph.

There is no price yet, but the developers promise that “the TF-X will be priced as low as possible while still allowing Terrafugia to grow to support our customers.” In other words, have your checkbook ready.

100+mph Ticket

Before you consider driving 200mph in an old-timey land-based automobile, may I suggest that you review VC 22348(b), the so-called “super speeder” law in California. When these laws first appeared, 100mph was the equivalent of the sound barrier. Now, most passenger vehicles can easily reach this velocity, so CHP troopers are issuing more and more of these citations, especially on the long stretch of the I-5 from the grapevine in Kern County to Los Banos.

The Vehicle Code is full of expensive citations with excessive penalties, and 22348(b) is arguably the worst of the bunch. A first offense at 100mph means just under $1,000 in fines and penalty assessments; after considering increased insurance rates and other indirect costs, the amount can reasonably soar up to $10,000. Subsequent violations and higher speeds are even costlier.

Moreover, the state can suspend your drivers’ license for up to 30 days. That’s in addition to the two points these citations count towards NOTS suspension. An attorney can often get the charges reduced, so even if you can’t beat the ticket, you can avoid there excessive penalties.

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