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Bakersfield Some officials are worried that California’s growing population may begin to strain vital resources in Bakersfield and Fresno, including water and air.

Rain normally washes pollutants out of the air, so instead of going down the drain, they are still suspended in the sky. According to the American Lung Association, Central California has the second-most polluted air in the state. Overall, about 70 percent of Californians live in counties with unhealthy air. People with asthma are especially sensitive to air pollution, as are children, the elderly, and people coping with COPD. The report also noted that air in The Golden State is actually cleaner today than it was before 1970, when Congress passed the Clean Air Act, despite having more autos on the road.

California’s population has doubled since 1970, and more growth is expected in the coming years, although at a slower pace.

Interstate Drivers’ License Compacts

Many of the state’s new residents relocated from other states in the Union, especially “rust belt”-area states like Ohio, Michigan, and New York. But although these people may leave a house behind, they do not leave drivers’ license issues behind.

Between the two major interstate drivers’ license information share agreements, the Drivers’ License Compact and the Non-Resident Violator Compact, nearly all states make drivers’ license information available to other states, at least to some extent. Even the non-member states, which include Nevada and a few other places, often share information on an informal basis. Some Canadian provinces, including Ontario and Quebec, also participate in at least one of these information clearinghouses.

Realistically, most local peace officers won’t arrest individuals who have outstanding traffic warrants in faraway states, because it simply costs too much to house and transport prisoners. But, the DMV routinely refuses to renew vehicle registrations and drivers’ licenses until affected individuals clear up their out-of-state ticket issues.

This question also comes up in the opposite situation: when California drivers cross state lines and get tickets in Arizona, Oregon, or some other state. These jurisdictions report violations to the DMV, which then assesses points against California licenses. We can represent you on your ticket here in California, regardless which state you are from.

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