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sports carA driver was recently clocked at 215mph in a 55mph zone. Or was he?

The ticket appeared on the Internet and purports to come from outside Wichita. And, if you’ve never been to that area, trust me when I say that there are lots of flat, open roads in central Kansas. The citation lists a fine of just under $2,300, which is consistent with Kansas law on the subject. However, the image quality is not the best, and there have been high-speed ticket hoaxes on the internet before. A few years ago, a California man posted a ticket that stated he was doing 210mph in a Veyron, but the citation was fake.

The anonymous Jayhawker was driving a GT-R, which can reach speeds over 200mph under certain conditions.

100+mph Ticket in California

Believe it or not, at least statistically speaking, that $2,000 citation would cost over $10,000 by the time all is said and done. Much of that cost is increased insurance premiums, because traffic tickets, especially citations like DUI, reckless driving, and excessive speeding, have a tremendously negative effect on premiums in Lamont and Shafter.

VC 22348(b) is one of the only infractions in the Vehicle Code that a possible 30 day license suspension for the first violation, regardless of how many points are on the offender’s license. That’s in addition to the stiff financial penalties. Often, the best approach in these cases is to get the charges reduced, and therefore the penalties.

As an added bonus, most courts allow attorneys to appear without defendants. So, instead of wasting a day in traffic court, you can stay plugged into your busy life and let us handle the legal details of your citation.

Getting Legal Help

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