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It was all smiles in Fresno when Governor Brown and other dignitaries broke ground on the state's new high speed rail system.

The Governor, and other program advocates, say that the bullet train will reduce pollution and link Northern and Southern California more closely than ever before. As a bonus, they say it will bring much-needed jobs to Central California, which is feeling the effects of recession and drought. Opponents point to the $68 billion price tag.

When complete, proponents say the bullet train can take passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco in under three hours for about $85 each way.

Don't try to buy a train ticket just yet. $68 billion is about half the state's budget for the coming fiscal year, and closing the schools or shuttering the prisons are not realistic options at this point. Commuter airlines may also have something to say before their customers migrate from the airport to the train station.

It's almost impossible to know the number of traffic tickets issued in California each year, because some local governments hide this information so they do not have to share revenue with the state. But the best guess is about $ 16 million each year. Most of these citations are for moving violations, such as speeding and running a red light.

Even seemingly minor violations can mean large monetary penalties, license suspension and major inconvenience. Instead of just paying the ticket, or ignoring it, talk to an attorney practicing in Tulare County and find out how much you can save in fines and court costs.

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