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Maybe Mayor McCheese Can Pull A Few Strings

An Alabama man whose hands were on a double cheeseburger instead of the steering wheel was cited for distracted driving in Georgia.

Madison Turner bought a double quarter pounder with cheese at a McDonald's in Marietta. He was evidently lovin' it, because he failed to notice the police officer in his rearview mirror. Citing the Peach State's broad distracted driving law, the officer gave Mr. Turner a ticket. He admitted that he may have been " enjoying the burger too much." A Cobb County police spokesperson refused comment in the matter.

Georgia's distracted driving law prohibits motorists from engaging in actions that distract them from safely operating a vehicle.

Right now, the Golden State's distracted driving laws are essentially a patchwork, due to legislative loopholes and judicial interpretations.

California passed its first cell phone law in 2008. Last year, peace officers wrote about 55,000 cell phone tickets, or about 5 percent less than they wrote in 2013.

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