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Does a license plate frame help you get out of a traffic ticket?

The 11-99 Foundation has been around for a number of years. This group collects donations and distributes the money to needy CHP officers and their families. The foundation stopped giving license plate frames to donors in 2006, because some people claimed that officers would not write speeding tickets for cars that had these frames. Now, due to a funding crisis inside 11-99, the frames are back.

Some anonymous online posters purporting to be CHP officers said they would give little leeway to the license plate frame itself, because of the number of counterfeits. However, donors who can show a valid membership card may receive some leniency.

The vast majority of Fresno County drivers are either not donors to the 11-99 fund or they are unable, or unwilling, to pilfer a frame illegally. Quite frankly, a lot of us don't necessarily like the idea of being able to get out of a ticket because of a license plate holder. For these motorists, there are some very good defenses to traffic tickets in Fresno:

If the state's case is weak, an attorney practicing in courts that cover Interstate-5 violations may be able to get the fine and/or points reduced, or possibly even get the case thrown out.

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