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big regLegislation currently pending in the State Senate would make it more difficult for aspiring commercial drivers in Bishop and Independence to obtain CDLs.

Senate Bill 344 adds a requirement that new commercial drivers complete a driving instructor course. There are a few exemptions, including applicants who learned to drive a large truck in the military and persons who present a certificate from their employers. Moreover, in an effort to cut down on so-called “diploma mills,” the measure closes a loophole that allows certain driving school courses to operate without any regulatory oversight.

If enacted, Senate Bill 344 would take effect on the first day of 2017.

Maintaining a CDL

It’s already very difficult to get a CDL in California. It’s even more difficult to keep one, or at least keep one that is economically viable.

First, there’s the matter of points. CDL holders accumulate points at a 50 percent greater rate than non-commercial drivers, even if they receive the tickets in their private vehicles. When a one-point violation becomes 1.5 points and a two-point infraction turns into three points, a NOTS hearing is never more than one or two tickets away.

Traffic school may not be an option at all for these drivers. Even if the judge does allow it, traffic school normally has a more limited effect on a CDL. Typically, it eliminates the fine but does nothing about the points.

Second, there are the federal safety scores. Score too high, and your license could be suspended or become too costly to use, due to higher insurance rates. An attorney can keep your score as low as possible by ensuring that the underlying records are accurate.

Getting Legal Help

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