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road closedA speeding ticket on Highway 395 or Interstate 5 is bad enough, but a special circumstances speeding ticket is even worse.

Schools and Senior Centers

According to VC 22352 and a few related laws, the prima facie speed limit near a school building or senior adult center is 15mph if the normal speed is 30, or 25 if the normal speed is above 30. Cities have some flexibility to make these speed limits even lower.

Section (b)(2), the school zone law, only applies if children are present or during school hours. So, if there is a band concert or basketball game in the evening, the 15 or 25mph limit still applies. Section (b)(3), the senior citizen law, is very broadly worded to include any facility “primarily used by senior citizens.” The city must erect a warning sign for the reduced speed limit to be in effect.

Safety Enhancement/Double Fine Zone

Under VC 42010, the state may designate certain state highway stretches as double fine zones. To qualify, the roadway must have a collision rate at least 1.5 times higher than the state average. Not all fines are doubled; in fact, only alcohol and speed-related infractions are enhanced.

Construction Zone

VC 22362 gives the state the power to reduce the speed limit if construction employees “are at work on the roadway or within the right-of-way so close thereto as to be endangered by passing traffic.” Workers must be present for the reduced speed limit to apply.

100+ MPH Citations

VC 22348(b) sets fines and penalty assessments of up to $900 for a first offense at 101mph, and the fines go up from there, based on both velocity and number of prior citations. In addition to a maximum 30 days license suspension, violators often see their auto insurance premiums skyrocket, which can double or trip their rates for up to seven years.

Getting Legal Help

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