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Kicking the Tires on a Commercial LicenseAre you thinking about getting a Commercial Drivers' License in California? Maybe you have one in another state, maybe you let your old CDL lapse, or maybe you're looking to start or change careers. This online guide may serve as a good benchmark for your general knowledge, before you really commit to the process.

Obtaining a CDL is a significant accomplishment in California, because the process is lengthy and the tests are difficult. That's because driving a large, commercial vehicle requires lots of skill, and the state wants only highly-qualified drivers on the road.

Threats to your CDL

For that same reason, California is often anxious to take or restrict your CDL. Commercial drivers incur points at one and one-half times the rate of non-commercial drivers. A 1 point offense becomes a one 1.5 point offense, a 2 point offense becomes a 3 point offense, and so on. At that rate, it doesn't take long for the points to add up to license suspension.

These points stay on your record far longer than you may think. Generally speaking:

If you receive a traffic ticket, consult with an attorney practicing in Tulare County about having the points reduced. It could be the difference between keeping your license and losing it.

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