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Are More Tollways Coming Your Way?Someday soon, perhaps as early as next year, the freeways may no longer be free.

The Highway Trust Fund provides money to states for interstate maintenance and improvement. The gasoline tax is the Fund's primary revenue source, but the tax hasn't been increased in over twenty years. Flat revenues, along with a declining demand due to more fuel-efficient cars and high pump prices, mean that the Fund is nearly exhausted at a time when many highways need work. As part of the Grow America Plan, the Obama administration is considering converting free roads to toll roads in order to raise needed funds.

Supporters say that the proposal is a reasonable user fee, while opponents counter that the measure is essentially a backdoor tax increase.

Bakersfield drivers are certainly used to backdoor taxes and user fees on public roads. A cash-strapped Sacramento has increased traffic ticket costs almost exponentially in the past twenty years, some by as much as 500%.

Instead of giving your extra money to the state, consider working with an attorney practicing in Tulare County to reduce the fines and/or points against your license. You'll do much better in the long term.

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