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Super-Speeding Tickets in Central CaliforniaIn California, a few miles per hour on the speedometer can make a tremendous difference in traffic court.

VC Section 22348(b) makes speeding over 100 mph a serious infraction. These violations are very common on California highways, especially in Shafter and Mojave (particularly driving to Las Vegas).

Speeding under 100 mph is a one-point offense, and you are generally eligible for traffic school - the local rules vary - if you were travelling at no more than 20 mph over the speed limit. Speeding over 100 mph is a two-point offense. The fact that speeding over 100 mph causes twice as many points to attach to your license is bad enough, but the differences do not end there:

A Kern County traffic ticket attorney can help you avoid some or all of the negative consequences of speeding at over 100 mph.

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