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An out-of-state traffic incident nearly always appears on your California driving record, but the effect can vary.

The Non-Resident Violators Compact applies in the vast majority of the states and the District of Columbia, meaning that a violation in any of these jurisdictions may follow you back to California.

A collision or traffic ticket in another state may or may not carry the same weight in California. VC Section 13363 discusses how out-of-state incidents apply to your California drivers' license:

Speeding and similar offenses may be illegal everywhere, but not all traffic laws are the same in every state. Cell phone use is a good example.

Another example is the number of points assigned. Just because Nevada assigns two points to a certain violation does not mean that two points must be assessed against your California drivers' license.

For these reasons, California must independently evaluate each out-of-state ticket to properly assign the number of points to your license.

A Kern County traffic ticket attorney may be able to make the state correct any mistakes made when transferring points from one state to another.

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