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Radar warning signs cause people to slow down.

These devices are often placed near schools and other places where the speed limit is reduced. Statistics indicate that unmanned radar stations prompt up to 70 percent of speeding drivers to slow down. They reduce their speeds by an average of 17 percent. These stations are not equipped with cameras and they cannot issue citations.

Radar signs were prominently featured in the Disney baseball film The Rookie: A despondent Dennis Quaid thought his fastball was only 76 mph when in fact it was 96 mph. Speed bumps on residential streets and in parking lots serve a similar purpose. But tend to draw the ire of everyone but the locals with their tendency to cause unnecessary wear and tear on vehicles and create coffee stains on previously clean clothes.

Despite their effectiveness, radar signs are rare because they produce no revenue for local law enforcement agencies. The day could be coming when fixed and unmanned radar stations are able to effectively monitor speeds on all types of roadways. Law enforcement agencies will then face a clear choice between highway safety and revenue generation, and it will be interesting to see which alternative they select.

Meanwhile, if you receive a speeding ticket in Tulare County, contact an attorney right away to help you avoid high fines, points against your license and other penalties.

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