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Is a Traffic Ticket a Civil or Criminal Matter ?

In California, traffic matters are considered criminal. However, that does not mean there is any threat of jail or that you are expected to list a speeding ticket as a criminal violation on a job application.

A normal speeding ticket, or going through a red light, or an illegal turn, are all considered infractions. More serious driving crimes such as DUI or reckless driving can involve jail time and are considered misdemeanors. There are some serious driving offenses that can even be felonies where you could face prison time.

There are ways that your traffic infraction can turn into something more serious. For instance, an infraction can become a misdemeanor if there is a failure to appear and a warrant. Serious consequences can occur including a hold on your license.

If you are facing traffic charges, a good attorney appearing for you can help you obtain the best deal to keep your criminal and driving record clean.

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