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Google Strikes AgainA California man recently used his GPS tracker to beat a speeding ticket.

Sahas Katta was pulled over in central California; the officer accused Mr. Katta of driving 40 mph in a 25mph zone. Mr. Katta was about to pay the fine, when he remembered that his cell phone's Google MyTracks was active when he was pulled over; the device indicated that his maximum speed during the time in question had been 26 mph.

The judge was impressed enough to dismiss the ticket; Mr. Katta's lawyer certainly helped his cause by questioning the officer about the condition of the radar gun and the officer's experience and training, or lack thereof, in operating the gun.

Bakersfield traffic ticket attorneys use every available resource to help their clients defeat speeding tickets, including such things as scientific reviews of police equipment and Internet records regarding weather and sunrise/sunset times. Knowledge of the law, in particular in speeding cases involving Vehicle Code 22350, the basic speed rule, will oftentimes allow a case to be dismissed even if the driver was proven to have been going faster than the legal limit.

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