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In California, it is illegal to drive with a video screen near the driver's seat. Does this law mean that it is also illegal to drive with Google Glass?

Google Glass is so new that there are no laws that specifically address the device, which may or may not be considered a video screen. But the California Highway Patrol is apparently defining the device as such, claiming that Google Glass is distracting to drivers. Researchers have concluded that hands-free mobile technology may be more distracting than hand-held devices, so the CHP's interpretation may have some credence.

Subsequent versions of Google Glass may include a "car mode" similar to a hand-held device's airplane mode.

Although the law is written in black and white, very often the law can be difficult to apply in some cases:

For these situations, and any similar situation, it is always best to have a Bakersfield traffic ticket lawyer on your side when you go to court.

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