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Commercial drivers in California who received off-duty traffic violations in their private vehicles are now permitted to attend traffic school in order to prevent a point on their record. They now have the same opportunity as non-commercial drivers to keep points off their license, if the violation occurred while they were off-duty.

But there is a catch.

The new law, passed earlier this year, allows commercial drivers to attend traffic school to have points for violations withheld from their personal state driving records. However, the new law won't hide traffic violations from insurance companies, prevent potential employers from seeing the violation, or prevent the feds from including the violation on drivers MVR print out.

The principal benefit of the new law to California's commercial drivers is that after the driver with an off-duty conviction attends traffic school, the conviction isn't added as a violation point toward a negligent operator determination. But if a CDL holder is not in danger of receiving a suspension for a high point count, the new law does little to help their situation in receiving a ticket.

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